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Author Appearance & Book Signing Program

  • We select and deliver the books
  • You sell the books
  • You turn in the payment & keep the profit
  • We pick up unsold books

  • No purchase orders needed - no out of pocket costs!
    We make it easier for you!

    Author appearances and book signings are an important part of getting people excited about reading! While many schools and organizations like to offer this opportunity, some are having difficulties. Many school districts started requiring PO requisitions for author appearances. The ability to have book sales as part of an author appearance became quite cumbersome. To alleviate the need for the PO process, Gardner’s has made the option available where the school never takes possession of the books. Your organization sells the books for Gardner’s, turns in 100% of the funds collected to Gardner’s and if there are any excess funds collected, Gardner’s will place a credit on your school account or return the excess to your organization in the form of a check.

    Our Author Appearance Book Signing program takes a lot of pressure off you as an organizer because Gardner’s will pick the best titles (your requests are always welcome), estimate the number of books needed for the event participants, deliver and pick-up books at no-charge (local delivery area only) and create a master take-home flyer (if needed). Also, parents may have the option to pay with a credit card if your organization decides to accept that form of payment.

    What we need from you; is 4-6 weeks notice (6 weeks if we prepare the flyer notice), date of the event,name of the author, number and grade range of participants, price you would like to charge for the books (if we prepare the flyer), title suggestions, and volunteers. The volunteers will verify titles and quantities received, collect money and distribute books, and verify titles and quantities returned.

    We realize this new option may not be for everyone, so the traditional option is also still available (you select and order books, we invoice the book via purchase orders and you return unused copies for credit).

    If you would like to download an information brochure about our Author Appearances for Schools brochure, please click here.

    Call our Author Appearance Specialist at 602.863.6000

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